Remote Focus is a no-cost patient safety solution that partners with Homecare Providers to ensure patients have a clinical safety net to control chronic conditions, foster better clinical outcomes and potentially avoid hospitalization.
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Remote Focus EMPOWERS homecare providers with a true way to impact their Value Based Incentives and patient lives.

Remote Focus CONNECTS you with your patients, and closes the Gap in Care.

Our software PROMOTES Preventative Care to help you address your patient's health concerns faster.

Dive Into the Benefits of Remote Focus

  • Remote Focus works with patients to ensure they get the appropriate clinical attention between primary care visits. We align ourselves as the patient safety net between their personal care team, home care provider and primary physician.
  • Our clinicians conduct effective telehealth evaluations and utilize risk assessment tools to identify unknown diagnosis, medications, and current health status.
  • Remote Focus will assist patients in scheduling doctor appointments, specialist referrals, acquiring DME supplies and when appropriate, ad hoc prescriptions.
  • Remote Focus can provide clinical status/data to health proxies, PCPs and the patient’s Healthcare ecosystem, to truly fill in the gaps. Hence closing the gap in care.
  • Remote Focus conducts risk screenings on initial evaluations and wellness checks. We address all 3 levels of preventative care: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Prevention. Our Remote Patient Monitoring tools are simple to use and provide insight on physiological readings that could lead to hospitalization or poor clinical outcomes.
  • Our clinician supervised care management team counsel patients on medication adherence, nutrition, and healthier lifestyle choices.
  • We provide an effective seamless way for patients to access health care via our cutting edge Telehealth tools. We can provide eligible patients “no cost” tablets, quick sign on telehealth visits, and have a friendly technical team to assist patients with any questions or concerns they may have.
  • Remote Care helps make access to care easier. No need to schedule transportation or worry about coordinating a chaperone to get the patient to the doctor’s office.
  • We provide patients with the peace of mind knowing that we are here to assist with their health and health needs.

More Benefits Include:

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Deliver Better Clinical Outcomes

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Reduce hospitalization

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Increase Value based reimbursement


Increase Patient Retention

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Increased Patient Satisfaction/Feedback

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DME Allocation

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Ad hoc Prescriptions

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Enhanced Patient Clinical Data

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Reduce Loneliness & Identify Depression

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Urgent Telehealth

Partnering with Remote Focus
Remote Focus parters with your agency to complement your services via remote patient monitoring & chronic care management to provide an additional benefit to your patients.
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Frequently Asked Questions
Remote Focus (RF) is a free service that partners with your agency to provide you the ability to really make a difference in reducing hospitalizations and addressing patients needs
Remote Focus does all the heavy lifting 😊. They will work with your DPS /clinical team/coordinators on educating the patients on all the services/benefits remote focus provides. Remote Focus has a full team of multi-lingual clinicians & case managers who will do all the work and provide back to the agency

  • patient clinical data
  • patient feedback
  • Remote Focus patient specific activities

Remote Focus works under Medicare guidelines. So any patient that has straight Medicare or Medicare Advantage qualifies. Typically any patient over 65. We do all the work in identifying eligibility.
No, not at all. Remote Focus doesn’t replace the patients’ PCP. Our services fall under specific CPT codes that are not typically billed by a PCP. So there is no impact to the patients Medicare benefits, and there is no correlation to Medicaid at all.
Remote Focus is extremely sensitive to the wellbeing of patients. Patients are provided many options that fits their lifestyle and tolerance. Our goal is to be a resource and not a nuisance. We work closely with our partner agencies to find the right balance of patient contact . Patients can enroll and disenroll at anytime.
Definitely understand that. Remote Focus takes on all the liability of the services that we provide, and are under strict Medicare guidelines . Remote focus is managed under the clinical authority of a PCP/Specialist team that is sanctioned to provide services in the state. So if things were to go sideways, there is no liability on the agency, since they are not clinicians, and didn’t technically provide the support and services that Remote Focus provides. Agencies simply help us help the patients, via warm introductions. We take it from there.