Our Platform

Our platform, powered by Emmacare.com, is innovatively designed to enhance the coordination and delivery of healthcare services. It enables providers to have comprehensive access to patient information, facilitating streamlined communication across the continuum of care, including interactions between homecare agencies, healthcare providers, payers, and patients themselves.

Emmacare.com serves as a central hub for sharing vital health data, ensuring that all parties involved in a patient’s care have the necessary insights to make informed decisions. This integrated approach fosters a harmonious and collaborative environment, where information flows seamlessly, enhancing the overall quality of care. By bridging the communication gap, Emmacare.com contributes to a more cohesive healthcare experience, ensuring that patients receive coordinated, efficient, and highly personalized care.

Smart Health Care

E-Proms Dashboard

Patient satisfaction is a critical component of your VBP score as well as your payer score. RemoteFocus will serve as a direct communication line and data source to help you manage patient satisfaction scores.  You have access to every response in our platform, and we proactively reach out to you to align on scores of all levels.

Smart Health Care

Risk Mitigation

During our comprehensive assessment we identify patient risk areas. Our clinical team works with your patient to address those risk factors via interventions and education. All this will lead to lower hospitalization and ED visits.

Smart Health Care

Patient Engagement

Patient engagement is a critical part of our chronic care management approach. Each patient, caregiver, and/or family of the patient will have access to our Patient App. Via the app, you will be able to access the RemoteFocus clinical team via telehealth for urgent or scheduled clinical visits.  You can also communicate with your RemoteFocus case manager, and access educational material relevant to your specific chronic condition.