Who We Are

RemoteFocus prides itself on being a comprehensive, professional healthcare provider, staffed by an experienced and multilingual clinical team. Our diverse team includes highly skilled physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, nutritionists, and case managers, all dedicated to delivering exceptional care.

We are committed to enhancing patient outcomes through personalized care plans, preventive measures, and continuous health monitoring. By integrating a broad range of healthcare services, RemoteFocus ensures every patient receives the highest quality of care tailored to their unique health needs.

Our Mission

To empower the Homecare Ecosystem to provide a true way to impact patient lives and Value-Based Incentives.

Our Vision

To Utilize the Synergy of Technology and Clinical Services to Reduce Hospitalizations and keep Patients Happy, Healthy at Home

Home Care

A New, Friendlier
Healthcare Experience

RemoteFocus is committed to providing an array of services for individuals with chronic conditions to produce positive health outcomes. Our ability to cohesively adjoin the chronic care management needs of a patient while also monitoring their vitals remotely, allows us to facilitate with multiple aspects of the patient’s medical conditions. We establish ourselves as critical partners in the overall medical care of the patients’ lives.

Addressing Our Patient Needs

Our aim is to address the needs of our patients in a clinically appropriate manner, while collaborating with community-based organizations, medical providers and specialists involved in the care of the patients. Our focus on remote monitoring enables us to address concerns prior to an undesirable escalation.

Home Care
Home Care

The Goal Of Remote Focus

RemoteFocus has separated itself from the rest by its implementation of the most advanced technological methods and its commitment to stellar customer service. Our team operates with one goal in mind: to properly service and address the needs of our patients, because when you are our patient, your healthcare needs and concerns become our focus!

Our Team

Home Health
Raphael Nadel

Founder and CEO

Home Health
Dr. Glenn Gandelman, MD, FACC, MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Home Health
Ethan Baraff

VP of Operations

Home Health
Natalie Gurvich, RN

Clinical Director of Nursing

Home Health
Desmond Martinez

Director of Business Development

Home Care
Kaitlin Shepherd

VP of Partnerships