Homecare Agency

We partner with homecare agencies as the go-to clinical extension of their team. Our clinicians work directly with chronically ill patients that will benefit from extra eyes and ears in between doctor visits and nursing assessments. Our goal is to reduce hospitalizations, and to keep patients happy, healthy, and at home.

How It Works

Our clinical team conducts an initial assessment with your patient via telehealth visit to determine the proper patient-centric care plan for their condition and diagnosis(es).

The RemoteFocus clinical and case management teams follow up with the patient according to their care plan, and can also assist with specialist referrals, DME allocation, Rx refills, transportation, and ongoing education.

RemoteFocus can help drive patient satisfaction scores, as well as increase value-based bonuses and initiatives (aligned with your payer contracts).

All patient activity and information logged by the RemoteFocus team is accessible to your agency staff through our proprietary read-only portal. This can be accessed by your agency for additional patient information in between assessments, and can also help prove that a patient requires additional hours (if necessary).

RemoteFocus is your partner, and will advocate for you to keep your patients from switching providers, while keeping them at home, healthy, and billable.